An Immersive Virtual Reality Playground

Out-of-home family-friendly experiences for up to 4 people.

The Key Principles of DOJO

Experiencing virtual reality with DOJO is a shared and social experience that promotes cooperation and friendly competition. This drives repeat play, adds value to any location and ignites the DOJO mantra: Play. Like. Share. Repeat.


DOJO is accessible to a wide demographic. If you are with friends, family, co-workers or even strangers, you’re in for an immersive adventure and you’ll be in it together! DOJO is equipped with the latest technology in virtual reality and offers exclusive high-quality content that caters to different tastes, age groups, and skill levels.

Operational Efficient

DOJO is a reliable, operator friendly, turnkey solution. We maximize your customers' experience and safeguard returning business while minimizing your operators' interventions. We make the experience effortless with simpler menus, minimal tutorials and quick onboarding that allows people to jump in and have fun immediately.

Always in Pole Position

Regular updates of our operating system, immersive technology and new exclusive content guarantees DOJO stays reliable and always up to speed. Remote access ensures swift technical support and customer service at all times, worldwide.

Hard-wearing Hardware

Sustainability rules in our choice of high-quality materials. Our safety-first approach turns DOJO into a well-liked entertainment solution for even the most demanding locations where lots of people gather: family entertainment centers, cinemas, airports, malls, hotels, cruise ships, resorts, arcades… Whatever your location, DOJO fits your story.

Eye Catcher

All this is wrapped up in a state-of-the-art attraction, carefully designed to give players a safe and sheltered feeling while playing without withholding spectators the opportunity to see what's going on. This groundbreaking design adds value to your venue and has everything to become your signature attraction.

Great Return On Attraction

DOJO and its exclusive content is designed to be accessible and inviting for first-time users, not only experienced gamers. Not only gamers will love DOJO. Think bigger, think additional business. Think first-time users, families, teambuilding and corporate events. It especially appeals to families, friends and co-workers – a huge yet un(der)served target group in location-based VR-entertainment.

Cooperation and friendly competition rule in the DOJO, where games are played not just alongside each other, but with each other. This unique social experience ensures people show up, stay longer, spend more – and return. So, grow your total revenue with an extraordinary ‘Return On Attraction’


DOJO keeps on attracting new and re-inviting previous players. A constant influx of new innovative games and expansions will keep the experience fresh and makes sure there is content for all ages, tastes and skill levels. We develop with accessibility in mind but layer the games in such a way that more experienced gamers are challenged and entertained as well.


Clash of Chefs: Chaos Kitchen

Two duo’s work together in a delicious cook-off. Sabotage the other team but don’t get carried away! You still have to prepare the ordered food and drinks.

Pointy Ends

Enter a medieval tournament where you’ll engage in ranged combat with each other using bow and arrow, a battle-ax, slingshot, mace or spear. Have courage, aim, dodge and beware of the pointy ends! 

Loco Dojo Fiesta

Loco Dojo Fiesta is a whimsical wooden world that brings everyone together for some laughs and friendly competition. You’ll compete in silly fast-paced mini-games that vary wildly in their difficulty, and time is short to really master them!